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Charlie Catino (b. ca. 1966) is a former Magic playtester, designer and developer. As the employee who has worked for the longest time at Wizards of the Coast, he now oversees the R&D teams that design Duel Masters and the Transformers TCG.[1]


In the late 1980s, Charlie was one of the playtesters from the University of Pennsylvania that Richard Garfield tagged to help get the Alpha card set (and game rules) ready for public consumption. He majored in Biology in 1988.

Starting in february '95, Charlie parlayed his association with Magic into a job as a full-time playtester at wizards, then matured into a proper designer and developer. Together with Bill Rose, Joel Mick, Don Felice, Howard Kahlenberg and Elliott Segal, Charlie formed the "Penn group" that designed Mirage and Visions.[2][3][4] From there he went to work on other Wizards TCGs like Netrunner and Vampire, did a stint as the head of Organized Play, and then later returned to R&D. He is the R&D Director of Japanese TCGs, and spends most of his time managing various Duel Masters teams and projects.[5] Charlie is a former level 5 DCI judge and has head-judged several Pro Tours and World Championships.

Starting with the inadvertent typo of “Cateeno” in the game's first rulebooks, Charlie's name has been intentionally misspelled in many products he has worked on since as a kind of running gag.




  • Revised Edition (as Charlie Cateeno)
  • Fourth Edition (as Charlie Cateeno)
  • Homelands (as Charlie Cantini)
  • Alliances (lead; as Charlie Catripino)
  • Mirage (as Charlie Cantina)
  • Sixth Edition (as Charlie Cantana)
  • Urza's Destiny (as Charlie Keldono)
  • Mercadian Masques (as Charlie Tin Canno)
  • Nemesis (as Charlie Catena)
  • Prophecy (lead; as Charlie Hasbrino)
  • Seventh Edition (as Charlie Catouto)
  • Apocalypse (as Charlie Cuturza)
  • Darksteel (as Charlie Catmandu)

Other games[]

  • MLB Showdown (as Charlie Bambino) [6]
  • Pokemmon (as Charlie Catinachu) [6]


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