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Chaza Isles
Teferi's isle.jpg
Teferi's Isle. Art by Gerry Grace.
Plane Dominaria
Part of Jaema Sea
Status Phased out

Fanning out from the coasts of Zhalfir and the Buleusi Bay were the Chaza Isles. They enjoyed a tropical but slightly temperate climate from their position on the shallow, glowing Jaema Sea.

These small islands hid a remote atoll known as Teferi’s Isle. This is where the planeswalker Teferi retreated to perform his experiments on the manipulation of time. When these experiments went haywire, everything on Teferi's Isle - plants, beasts, buildings, and Teferi himself - was temporarily removed from the time stream. This attracted the mages Jolrael, Mangara, and Kaervek, thus indirectly causing the Mirage Wars.

Major parts of the Chaza Isles had been phased out along with the rest of northwestern Jamuraa by Teferi during the Phyrexian Invasion, but they were forever lost from existence when Jeska destroyed the time rift over Zhalfir.

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