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Race Human
Birthplace Zagoth, Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era

The self-proclaimed Master Hunter Chevill is a Human Rogue of Ikoria.[1][2]

Chevill is an arrogant but very skilled big-game hunter. He spends most of his time slogging through the wetlands of Zagoth as if he owns them. He's an expert at replicating the calls of certain animals, which he uses to draw large-antlered alphas away from their herd.

The planeswalker Vivien Reid strongly despises him: according to her, Chevill is the worst kind of human. She found him in a Drannith tavern. After hearing Chevill's claims to be the best monster hunter of Ikoria, Vivien started a bar fight, at the end of which she managed to knock him out.[3]

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