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Chianul, Who Whispers Twice is a Temur shaman who lived on Tarkir.

Old Timeline[]

Chianul was about fifty years old, and had seen another version of the "now" in which dragons are ascendant, leading the humans. Sarkhan Vol spent some time with Chianul as a young man, learning about his visions, voices, and knowledge of dragons. Chianul is apparently the only one who foresaw Sarkhan's return.

The One Who Whispers Twice[]

Although Temur shamans generally lead a hermetic existence, one is selected to be the clan advisor.[1] This person, called the One Who Whispers Twice (once to the spirits and once to the Dragonclaw), must travel with the leader and their family instead of spending a life in solitary meditation, to guide the clan along the best path. This person provides military intelligence gleaned through magical divination and communication with spirits, warns of potential attacks, foresees the best grounds for hunting and raiding, and leads the summoning of ancestral troops in times of great need. They can initiate the Wide Whisper to consult with the other shamans when necessary.

New Timeline[]

Chianul's whereabouts in the new timeline, which fulfilled his visions, are unknown.

In-game references[]

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