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Chicken is an obsolete silver-bordered creature type and current celebration card creature type used for cards which depict a type of domesticated fowl.


Chicken debuted as a creature type in Unglued but was later removed as a type during the Grand Creature Type Update when its only cards were errataed to be Birds instead. However, it was later also included on a celebration card as a type for the non-legal limited Robot Chicken card.


  • Free Range Chicken and Chicken à la King were first printed as a Chickens in Unglued and later re-printed as Birds in Unsanctioned.
  • Chicken à la King was errataed a second time following the introduction of the Noble type to be a Bird Noble. It was also the only indication of a race of humanoid sentient Chickens.
  • Mesa Chicken is the only former Chicken card to not be re-printed in Unsanctioned.
  • Chicken Egg originally spawned Chicken tokens called Giant Chicken but was errataed to spawn Bird tokens called Giant Bird.
  • There are only 6 known printed copies of Robot Chicken leaving the type effectively obsolete.