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Race Human
Birthplace Rushwood, Mercadia
Lifetime Born ~4180
Mercadian Masques

Cho-Manno was the spiritual and political leader of the Cho-Arrim on Mercadia and a devout follower of the Ramos mythology. He guided his people in their rebellion against the oppression of the Mercadians and their Kyren masters, who were pushing the Cho-Arrim out of their ancestral lands. He was highly adept at Cho-Arrim water magic and healing techniques.

The Weatherlight crew helped Cho-Manno free his people, and he fell in love with Orim while they did. After leaving Mercadia, Orim ended up in the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. She was the one who cured the Phyrexian plague. As one of the few surviving heroes, Orim was taken by Karn to Mercadia, where she married Cho-Manno. They had at least one notable descendant, Oriss.

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