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Spell Type
(Subtype for instant/sorcery spells)
5 cards
{W} 20% {U} 20% {B} 20% {R} 20% {G} 20%
as of Alchemy: Ixalan
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For the type of counter, see Chorus counter.

Chorus is a spell type seen exclusively on instants and sorceries. It is currently exclusive to digital only cards on Magic: The Gathering Arena. The Chorus subtype was introduced in Alchemy: Ixalan.

Description[ | ]

Chorus spells represent the magical power of songs, shanties and hymns, sung in concert by an organized group of singers. Cards with chorus function all together, in unison. The first card to have the subtype was Ribald Shanty. Similar to Arcane and the Splice mechanic, the subtype itself has no function beyond flavor but it allows for the Intensity mechanic to affect multiple cards without having to name them.

Rules[ | ]

The Chorus type is not included in Comprehensive Rules.[1] It operates according to the programmed rules of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

References[ | ]