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Race Troll
Birthplace Mirrodin
The Moons of Mirrodin

Elder Chunth, The First One, was a troll on Mirrodin. He had no metal attached to his body and detested the metallic world. He was the leader of the trolls who recorded the history on the Tree of Tales within the Tangle.


Chunth revealed to Glissa Sunseeker that no matter how much she denied it, she was undoubtedly the Tangle’s best warrior, thus making her the most likely target of the leveler attack. Upon further questioning, Chunth made it clear to Glissa that the levelers were indiscriminate in their victims—turning up at their target’s homes and killing anybody there. By kidnapping her, the trolls ensured that her destiny was carried out, but at the same time condemned her family to death. Chunth also revealed that her flares showed her ancestral memories from another world and that Mirrodin was not their natural plane. Chunth also revealed the mysterious origins of the serum, telling Glissa that it was produced from the blinkmoths by the Vedalken.

Glissa asked about Memnarch and Chunth confirmed her worst fears. Memnarch would be her greatest obstacle in unlocking her destiny. Before he could proceed any further, a renegade troll entered the room and aimed a blast of energy at Glissa. Chunth managed to save Glissa, but was mortally wounded in the process. The renegade then stole Glissa’s vial of serum before fleeing the scene. With his last breath, Chunth revealed that Mirrodin was hollow.