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The Church of Angelfire probably used to be the most popular church in Benalia on Dominaria. About twenty percent of Benalkin used to proclaim to be Angelfire's worshippers.[1]

The church is named after Gabriel Angelfire, whose spirit, it is claimed, burns on to the present. To signify this belief, the main altar of every Angelfire church burns with the strange red-green candlelight of his "spirit-flame." The candles represent Gabriel's indomitable will, and are almost impossible to snuff out once lit. The formula used to make these candles is considered a religious secret.

Some believe that the Church of Angelfire was founded as an alternative to the Church of Serra, whose worship used to be condemned in Benalia, dating back even to the days of the Sheoltun Empire, Benalia's forerunner. The growing settlement of Epityr rebelled against the Sheoltun and a priest of Serra called forth the Serra Angels to free the town. This rebellion was the last straw, and the weakened Sheoltun Empire soon after lost all control of eastern Terisiare.

After the influx of refugees from Serra's Realm into Benalia, Serranism is now the state religion in Benalia again, but House Croger are still Angelfire traditionalists.[2]

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