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Introduced Double Masters 2022
Last Used Double Masters 2022
Reminder Text No official reminder text
1 card
{land symbol} 100%
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Circle is a keyword action that allows you to change the rules connected to a card by marking it with a pen. This action is performed during deckbuilding.


Cryptic Spires.png

Circle was first used for Cryptic Spires in Double Masters 2022.[1] A similar mechanic was previously seen on the Mystery Booster test card Gold Mine.

"Circle" just means "to mark it". However you choose to do that, it must be clear and unambiguous to all players. It doesn't have to be a literal circle.[2] Because you choose the colors while creating your deck (after you've finished drafting), you'll know exactly what colors your deck needs.

The color identity of the card is influenced by the circled mana symbols. The uncircled ones are treated the same way as reminder text.[3]



Cryptic Spires
As you create your deck, circle two of the colors below.
Cryptic Spires enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add one mana of either of the circled colors.


  • Many Double Masters 2022 limited decks will include multiple copies of Cryptic Spires. You can choose the same two colors for each of them, or you can make different choices for different cards.[4]
  • You circle two colors as you put Cryptic Spires into your deck before any games begin. Which colors are circled must be clear and understandable to all players.
  • Once a Cryptic Spires has two colors circled, those colors are considered to be printed on the card.
  • The circled colors only affect what colors of mana the last ability produces as it resolves. They do not make Cryptic Spires those colors. It's still colorless.
  • The circled colors are part of the copiable characteristics of the card. If another permanent becomes a copy of Cryptic Spires, its mana ability will produce the same colors as the permanent that was copied.
  • The mana ability is linked to the colors circled on the card. If a permanent somehow gains that mana ability without becoming a copy of Cryptic Spires, the ability it gained won't produce any mana as it resolves.