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City of Brass
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Plane Rabiah

The City of Brass, according to legend, was built long ago by an aggrieved planeswalker who wished solace from a great pain, Fatima.[1] Located somewhere on the edge of Rabiah (or perhaps even on the plane of Wildfire), this mystical city easily mantains a temperature 20 degrees warmer than the desert. Built entirely of stone and brass, its structures reflect the sun, glowing dimly with heat radiance for hours after nightfall. Even the nearby mountains are coated in brass, and the snow that forms on their peaks during the night, melts just after sunrise.

The unbearable conditions of the city permit that only a few creatures can make their home there. It is inhabited by efreets and djinns, although the Brass Man is its more numerous citizen. Other beings rarely survive in the city. Nevertheless, the City attracts a lot of magic-workers with its high concentration of mana. Unfortunately, the mana burns as hot as molten brass, and no wizard may use it without pain.[2]

Game mechanics[]

City of Brass, sometimes referred to as "CoB", was the first land able to produce any color of mana. It was originally printed in Arabian Nights, then later in Chronicles and several core Sets. It was removed from Ninth Edition in favor of the pain lands, to make the set complement the Ravnica block.

In-game references[]

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