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Clan Capashen was one of the seven ruling clans of Benalia on Dominaria. The planeswalker Urza chose Clan Capashen to become part of his Bloodline Project, a large project of genetic engineering set up to create perfect warriors to fight off the Phyrexian Invasion.

Known members of the clan include:

  • Nathan Capashen. Leader of the clan. When Urza promised him 50 years of service for his clan by Karn he agreed to the marriage of his cousin Jaffry Capashen and Myrr Ortovi.[1]
  • Thomas Capashen. He followed his father Nathan as the leader of Clan Capashen.
  • Jaffry Capashen and Myrr Ortovi. The first two Benalish people involved in Urza’s bloodline projects. They had two children.[1]
  • Purceon Capashen. Clan leader.[1]
  • Ellyn Capashen. Great-grandchild of Jaffry and Myrr. She was originally a tax official during the rule of Clan Leader Purceon but worked her way up into the army.[1]
  • Isarrk and Patrick. Isarrk was the illegitimate child of a Capashen noble, but his father died before it could be proven. Thus he was forced to remain a farmer for the rest of his life. He was trained by Lyanii but had no interest in being a warrior. Patrick was his son. When Isarrk was old they were attacked by Phyrexians and defeated them, but Patrick died doing so.
  • Rorry Capashen. Clan Leader and a descendant of Ellyn. He managed to get the help of Lyanii’s village against the Phyrexian raids on Benalia.[1]
  • Adom Capashen. A Benalish Commander.
  • Gavvan Capashen. While powerful, his line couldn't grow any stronger and was unfit to wield the Legacy. Killed by Phyrexians.[1]
  • Therri Capashen. Sibling of Gavvan. A messenger/warrior who became the grandmother of Gerrard.[1]
  • Gerrard Capashen. Hero of Dominaria.
  • Arom Casphen. Clan leader and a distant relative of Gerrard. Father of Raff and Danitha.
  • Danitha Capashen.
  • Rafwyn Capashen.