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The Clan Umezawa is a family from the Empire of Madara on Dominaria. Their origin lay on another plane: Kamigawa. The symbol of the clan is the Phoenix crest.



The first known member of the Clan was the blind Toshiro Umezawa, Toshi for short. Though his family was once in good standing on their home plane Kamigawa, Toshi's grandfather was one of over 800 Samurai dishonorably killed at Shizo, disgracing the family name.[1] Toshi became an accomplished rogue, but after disobeying a direct order of the Myojin of Night’s Reach, he was blinded and exiled to Dominaria as punishment.[2] But Toshi was a crafty man, and apparently thrived in his new environment despite his handicap. He founded the Clan’s ancestral home, Umezawa Manor.

There is little known about the family for the following 300 years, but they must have lost their fortune, because the next Umezawa to appear in the stories was a lowly peasant farmer.


Chanto Umezawa had to bid his farm farewell when he was drafted into the Kentsu. Coming back from the war, he became a successful sword maker. Presumably he bought Umezawa Manor back after he gained his fortune. He was the first of three generations of Umezawas to be trained in the Tsunami-nito school.


We know next to nothing about his son, Haki Umezawa, only that he lost an eye in a formal duel.


Haki’s son would play a role of vital importance in the history of Madara, however. Tetsuo Umezawa became the imperial champion so he could defend the people of Madara from outside forces like the vicious god-emperor Nicol Bolas. But when Bolas began a brutal invasion of the Edemi Islands by the Kentsu and made Tetsuo’s nemesis, the vile Ramses Overdark, the imperial regent, Tetsuo renounced his claim on the title of imperial champion. He swore vengeance and destroyed both Overdark and Bolas. After that, he set out to restore peace to the empire which had plunged into chaos in the last few months. Tetsuo might even have become the new emperor. The family may have ended, due to the vengeance of a revived Nicol Bolas.


A modern day descendant is Tetsuko Umezawa. She practices a form of magic that connects her to a series of magical doorways. She can step freely from any of these doorways to another, evading Bolas's notice while she plots against him.[3]


The current leader of the Hyozan Reckoners on Kamigawa. Satoru claims to be a direct descendant of Toshiro Umezawa.[4][5]

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