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Codex Etherium
Codex Etherium.jpg
Origin Esper
User Seekers of Carmot
Status Obsolete

The Codex Etherium, also called The Filigree Texts[1] or The Etherium Texts[2], are a series of 23 tomes housed in the Sanctum Arcanum under the possession of the Seekers of Carmot.[3] They are said to contain all Esper knowledge, including the location of carmot, a substance crucial to the creation of new etherium. Sharuum the Hegemon of Esper has even quoted the Codex, in one case claiming they state "There are patterns on the breath of stars."[2] However, Tezzeret discovered that the pages were blank, and that the documents were a fraud, igniting his planeswalker spark in the process.[3]

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