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A colorshift is a cards which is functionally identical to an old card, with the crucial exception of their color.

These colorshifted cards have the same basic construction of the mana costs of their predecessors, such that, Angelsong from Shards of Alara, for example, whose mana cost is {1}{W}, would be considered a colorshifted version of Lull from Urza's Saga, whose mana cost is {1}{G} and whose effects and card types are the same. Angelsong would not be considered a true colorshift of Lull if its mana cost, for instance, was {W}{W} while Lull's is {1}{G}.

Planar Chaos[edit | edit source]

See also: Planar Chaos/Planeshifted.

The 45 timeshifted cards in Planar Chaos (also known as planeshifted) are all colorshifts.

Colorshifts outside of Planar Chaos[edit | edit source]

Original Card Name Colorshifted Card Name(s) Notes
Alaborn Musketeer Grappler Spider
Arcane Laboratory Rule of Law
Assault Zeppelid Highspire Mantis
Azure Drake Makindi Griffin
Balduvian Barbarians Python
Beast Within Generous Gift Generous Gift creates an Elephant token rather than a Beast.
Bog Imp Moon Sprite
Royal Falcon
Sea Eagle
Bog Wraith Anaconda
Canyon Wildcat Cliff Threader
Coffin Purge Purify the Grave
Craw Wurm Axegrinder Giant
Devoted Hero Norwood Ranger
Disenchant Naturalize
Nature's Chant
Nature's Chant is hybrid White/Green.
Dross Crocodile Incurable Ogre
Drudge Skeletons Drowned
Durkwood Boars Obsidian Giant
Dwarven Warriors Crafty Pathmage
Elvish Archers Youthful Knight
Elvish Warrior Armored Warhorse
Femeref Scouts Horned Turtle
Fog Darkness
Holy Day
Foot Soldiers Amphin Cutthroat
Frost Ogre Mass of Ghouls
Galina's Knight Vedalken Outlander Vedalken Outlander is an artifact in addition to the types it shares with Galina's Knight.
Gaseous Form Sandskin
Goblin Balloon Brigade Manta Riders
Stream Hopper
Stream Hopper is hybrid Red/Blue.
Gorilla Warrior Goblin Cavaliers
Warpath Ghoul
Grizzly Bears Knight Errant
Walking Corpse
High Tide Bubbling Muck Swamps add black mana rather then Islands adding blue mana. High Tide is an instant and Bubbling Muck is a sorcery.
Hill Giant Giant Octopus
Trokin High Guard
Howl from Beyond Enrage
Hurloon Minotaur Keepers of the Faith
Ironroot Treefolk Siege Mastodon
Kird Ape Loam Lion
Lull Angelsong
Mana Flare Heartbeat of Spring
Mortal Wound Mire Blight
Pale Bears Rootwater Commando
Parallel Lives Anointed Procession
Plague Beetle Marsh Boa
Priest of Gix Priest of Urabrask Priest of Urabrask adds red mana rather than black.
Psionic Blast Char
Pygmy Allosaurus Bog Raiders
Rebuff the Wicked Turn Aside
Reconstruction Ritual of Restoration
Remember the Fallen Fortuitous Find
Rowan treefolk Prakhata Club Security
Scryb Sprites Flying Men
Suntail Hawk
Sea Sprite Freewind Falcon
Shaman of Spring Nimble Innovator
Snapping Drake Jagwasp Swarm
Assault Griffin
Spore Frog Kami of False Hope
Squire Vodalian Soldiers
Steal Strength Leeching Bite
Storm Seeker Sudden Impact
Thrummingbird Grateful Apparition
Time Ebb Excommunicate
Tranquility Cleanfall
Tundra Wolves Stone-Throwing Devils
Boros Recruit
Boros Recruit is hybrid Red/White.
Twincast Reverberate Both cards are variations on Fork, which additionally makes the copy red.
Uthden Troll Horned Troll
Wall of Blossoms Wall of Omens
Willow Faerie Storm Crow
Armored Pegasus
Wind Drake Wild Griffin
Wyluli Wolf Ghost Warden
Zephyr Falcon Skyshroud Falcon