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CommandFest is a Magic: The Gathering tournament festival similar to MagicFests, but dedicated to Commander play.


CommandFests are organized by Wizards of the Coast is partnership with three organizations – StarCityGames, Pastimes, and ChannelFireball.[1] They have an entrance fee.[2]

A CommandFest is a full, weekend-long event of casual and competitive Commander play, with variants of Planechase, Brawl, Oathbreaker, Battlebond, Two-Headed Giant thrown into the mix. The weekend also features special guests, Quests, unique events, swag, and a chance to gather with Magic players from around the world.[2]


CommandFests were introduced in 2019, due to the rising popularity of Commander.[1] Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw the introduction of CommandFest Online.[3]


A special Sol Ring Commander promo (foil and non-foil) with new art by Mark Tedin was released at Grand Prix Las Vegas, just before the release of Commander 2019.[4] It also became available at other MagicFests and CommanderFests in 2019 and 2020.[5]