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Devour for Power is a 100 card Commander preconstructed deck, first featured in Commander, and reprinted in Commander Anthology Volume II. It is a blue/black/green deck with an emphasis on graveyard setup

“  When The Mimeoplasm becomes your commander, death becomes your friend. Opponents will watch in helpless terror as you devour creatures from one graveyard to help you pound creatures into another. It’s a fiendish carnival of cadavers, and you’ll be the ringmaster![1]  ”

The new cards in the deck are: The Mimeoplasm, Command Tower, Damia, Sage of Stone, Riddlekeeper, Scythe Specter, Sewer Nemesis, Skullbriar, the Walking Grave, Minds Aglow, Shared Trauma, Spell Crumple, Syphon Flesh, Tribute to the Wild, Vow of Flight, Vow of Malice and Vow of Wildness.