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The Commander Collection Series, introduced in 2020, is a product similar to the Signature Spellbook Series, but themed around a color instead of a Planeswalker or legendary character and geared towards the Commander format.[1] It is only available in WPN stores.


Each box set contains eight sought-after reprints with all new art, and many referencing popular legends. The reprints are all staples in Magic's most popular multiplayer format.

There are two versions, regular and premium. All WPN stores get the regular edition, which contains all eight cards in nonfoil. WPN premium stores also get a limited quantity of the premium version, which contains all eight cards in foil.

Each set contains a Command Tower and a Sol Ring suitably illustrated to the color, along with six other cards in that color.

Compared to the Signature Spellbooks, the Commander Collections have quadrupled in price.


Year Color Set
2020 (late) {G} Commander Collection: Green
2022 (early) {B} Commander Collection: Black