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A Commander Party is a WPN-organized event introduced in 2022 for Innistrad: Double Feature. It is a one-day event where players are immersed in a story affected by their in-game choices, offering an opportunity for newer players to participate in a casual in-store event and get absorbed in the world of Magic.[1][2][3]


WPN Premium stores receive participation promos, a game board (a 8” by 24” dry erase poster), instructions, all-new player bonuses, and more.[4][5]

The setup is based on a narrative tale. Players, who are split into pods, experience the story from beginning to end during the event. Players only need a Commander deck to participate.

Each player receives a card, assigning them to a faction. Throughout the event, a video guiding the players through the story will ask the player with the most of a resource to raise their faction card in the air—the faction with the most raised cards moves forward a space on the game board, where each space provides an in-game bonus for all players in that faction.[6]


Set Date Promo Factions Extras
Innistrad: Double Feature 2022-01 Conjurer's Closet[6] Vampire, Warlock, Werewolf, and Villager Pre-cut paper masquerade mask, basic Moonlit lands from Crimson Vow".[7]

Faction cards[]

Faction Cards are 3” by 6” with full art on one side and a description on the other.[5]


The following videos are provided for each event

  • One 2-hour Event Video[5]
  • An number of short Ending Videos played after the Event Video concludes, depending on the winning faction.