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The Commander Rules Committee (or RC) is an independent group of Commander fans and players who maintain the rules and an official banned list for the Magic: The Gathering Commander format at[1][2][3]


As the EDH format, as it was known at the time, was invented in its original form by a playing group in Anchorage, Alaska, Wizards of the Coast has agreed to let it stay in the hands of the people that made and nurtured it into what it’s become.[4] Wizards does approve of any changes made to it by the rules committee. As they are consulted on Commander designs they have an impact on the yearly products, though the original design work is still done at the company.[5]

Current members[]

As of 2018, the four members of the RC are:[6]

  • Sheldon Menery: face of the format, former L5 judge, began playing in 1993.[7]
  • Scott Larabee: member of WotC Organized Play, tournament manager for the Pro Tour, responsible for the Magic Tournament Rules. Began playing in 1993.
  • Gavin Duggan: L3 judge, began playing in 1996.
  • Toby Elliott: former L5 judge, holds the record for most Pro Tours as Head Judge. Responsible for modern tournament policy, maintainer of the Infraction Procedure Guide and Magic Tournament Rules. Began playing in 1993.

Advisory group[]

In January, 2019, the RC established a Commander Advisory Group (CAG). These well-known community members help broaden the range of voices that guide the Commander format.[8][9][10]

The current line up of the CAG is:

January 25, 2021 introduced a new set of members[13]:

  • DeQuan Watson
  • Rachel Weeks
  • Jim Lapage
  • Gregory Sablan

July 12, 2021 introduced another pair of members[14]:

Past Members[]

Rules Committee[]

  • Duncan McGregor
  • Kevin Desprez
  • Alex Kenny
  • Devon Rule

Advisory Group[]


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