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Commander Theme Decks
Set Information
Set symbol
Release date August 31, 2009
Plane Multiversal
Set size 100 cards each
Expansion code TD0[1]
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The "Enchantress Rubinia" and "Deathdancer Xira" Commander Theme Decks were created by Wizards of the Coast for the Magic Online Commander format.[2] They were released on August 31, 2009 for $34.99.

These decks feature cards drawn from throughout Magic's rich history. Each 100-card deck includes the foil version of the legendary commander it is named after, as well as seven other rare cards. In addition, each deck contains cards from the Masters Edition III set and several cards that had never before been released on Magic Online.

Enchantress Rubinia[ | ]

Deathdancer Xira[ | ]

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