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Intro packs

Conflux has five intro packs, all of them are tricolored.[1][2]

Bant on the March[]

Bant on the March is an intro pack from Conflux.

“  Now you can answer that call to war. You’ll assemble a quick force of heroic soldiers, rhoxes, and flying aven to defend the noble realm of Bant from the other planes. Then you can continue the attack one of two ways: build up a single, unstoppable champion using the exalted mechanic, or overrun your enemy with a game-ending spell that empowers your whole army at once. Nothing will stand between you and glorious victory.  ”

The two rares in this intro pack are Giltspire Avenger (foil) and Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer.

Esper Air Assault[]

Esper Air Assault is a intro pack from Conflux.

“  As the worlds crash into each other, your artifact-themed deck takes to the air with an enormous swarm of flying creatures from the plane of Esper. You’ll also pull off tricky artifact-based combos using the power of creatures forged from etherium, a metal infused with magic. If your enemies get any funny ideas about defending themselves, you have a counterspell up your sleeve. Who said the sky had to be the limit?  ”

The two rares in this intro pack are Magister Sphinx (foil) and Inkwell Leviathan.

Grixis Shambling Army[]

Grixis Shambling Army is a intro pack from Conflux.

“  You’ve chosen a deck based around the plane of Grixis, a world of death naturally suited to destroying its enemies. Your unstoppable undead minions lurch back from the grave, slashing away at your foe’s life total. Your spells slay your opponent’s defenders on the spot. And if that doesn’t do it, then a duo of enormous flying horrors will finish off any enemy planeswalker.  ”
Grixis Shambling Army

The two rares in this intro pack are Blood Tyrant (foil) and Extractor Demon.

Jund Appetite for War[]

Jund Appetite for War is a intro pack from Conflux.

“  As the worlds collide, you need a deck designed to eat your new neighbors alive. Summon a force of goblins, dragons, and other voracious creatures from Jund who only get bigger as they consume other creatures. Flood the board with fodder for your hungry beasts, then summon the best-fed dragon your fellow planeswalkers have ever seen.  ”

The two rares in this intro pack are Charnelhoard Wurm (foil) and Voracious Dragon.

Naya Domain[]

Naya Domain is a intro pack from Conflux.

“  This deck thrives on the power of all five colors of mana, centered in the world of Naya. Go to war against the other planes using the domain mechanic, powering up your creatures and spells with the strengths of all five types of lands. Once you max out your domain with land-search spells and artifacts, you’ll crush your foes with the most diverse arsenal of spells available.  ”
Naya Domain

The two rares in this intro pack are Paleoloth (foil) and Meglonoth.


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