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Plane Alara

The Conflux was a natural event that brought the separated Shards of Alara back together into a single plane.

History[ | ]

Few people were aware that the event was impending and managed to prepare themselves for it. The dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas, hoping to use the mana the Conflux would generate to restore his power, gathered agents across the shards.[1] Bolas's agents accelerated the process of reunification by destroying the obelisks that helped stabilize each shard.

The shards' merging created the Maelstrom, reawakened Progenitus, and generated other 5-colored beings. This led to conflicts between the inhabitants of the different shards, known collectively as the Conflux War.[1] The Nayan leonin planeswalker Ajani Goldmane was able to stymie Bolas's scheme before the dragon could absorb the Maelstrom.

In the years following the Conflux, travel between the former shards became commonplace, allowing the plane's inhabitants and societies to interact and integrate.[1]

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