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Keyword Action
Introduced Jumpstart: Historic Horizons
Last Used Alchemy: Kamigawa
Reminder Text Conjure (A conjured card is added to the game.)
26 cards
{W} 23.1% {U} 30.8% {B} 26.9% {R} 3.8% {G} 15.4%
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Conjure is a designed-for-digital, MTG Arena-specific keyword action introduced in Jumpstart: Historic Horizons.[1][2] It creates cards which were not originally in the player's deck or sideboard - they are created from the action itself, but behave like normal cards thereafter.


Conjure creates a card for you to use that didn't exist before – not a token or a copy of a spell (like Reversal of Fortune), but an actual card that can sit in your hand until you are ready to use it. It remains a card even when cast or otherwise changing zones, just like normal cards from the deck. This can include cards that aren’t otherwise in a set or format, like Ponder, Stormfront Pegasus, or an original dual land (none of which are collectible in Historic Horizons on their own).

You might conjure to your hand, your library, your graveyard, or even directly to the battlefield, and once you do, the card is a full card for all rules purposes. The only difference from a regular card once created, is that of course it does not remain in the deck once the game is over.

Conjure was inspired by the Mystery Booster concept of token cards.[3] Currently, the mechanic isn't part of the Comprehensive Rules.[4] As such, it is unknown whether Spellbook drafting is related to Conjure, given their apparent similarities.



Wingsteed Trainer {3}{W}
Creature — Human
When Wingsteed Trainer enters the battlefield or attacks, conjure a Stormfront Pegasus card into your hand.

Card list[]

The following is a list of cards that can be conjured.[5]

Set Cardname Conjures To
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Boneyard Aberration Reassembling Skeleton Your graveyard
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Freyalise, Skyshroud Partisan Regal Force The battlefield
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Kiora, the Tide's Fury Kraken Hatchling Your hand
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Sarkhan, Wanderer to Shiv Shivan Dragon Your hand
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Shoreline Scout Tropical Island Your hand
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Teyo, Aegis Adept Lumbering Lightshield The battlefield
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Tome of the Infinite Assault Strobe
Dark Ritual
Force Spike
Giant Growth
Light of Hope
Lightning Bolt
Swords to Plowshares
Your hand
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Wingsteed Trainer Stormfront Pegasus Your hand
Alchemy: Innistrad Expedition Supplier Utility Knife The battlefield
Alchemy: Innistrad Suntail Squadron Suntail Hawk Your hand
Alchemy: Innistrad Toralf's Disciple Lightning Bolt Your library