Conspiracy is a card type.


A conspiracy card is a special card type found in the set designed for drafting known by the same name. A conspiracy card affects the rules of certain cards in your deck and can alter certain game mechanics. When you start a game, any conspiracy cards you are using begin either face down as hidden agendas or face up as regular conspiracy cards. Either way, they start and stay in the command zone.

Card Types
Supertypes BasicLegendarySnowWorld
Artifact ClueContraptionEquipmentFortification
Creature Creature Types
Enchantment AuraCurseShrine
Land PlainsIslandSwampMountainForestDesert
Planeswalker (subtypes)
Instant / Sorcery ArcaneTrap
Other Card Types
Multiple Types Artifact LandArtifact CreatureEnchantment Artifact
Enchantment CreatureLand Creature
Other ConspiracyPhenomenonPlane
Scheme (Ongoing) • TribalVanguard
Obsolete ContinuousEliteHeroInterrupt
Mana SourceMonoPolySummon
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