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Conspiracy is a card type found in the Conspiracy sets.[1] Conspiracies start the game in the command zone, where their abilities affect the game.[2] Some conspiracies contain a hidden agenda or a double agenda.

Description[ | ]

  • Conspiracies are never put into your deck. Instead, you put any number of conspiracies from your card pool into the command zone as the game begins. These conspiracies are face up unless they have hidden agenda, in which case they begin the game face down.
  • A Conspiracy doesn't count as a card in your deck for purposes of meeting minimum deck size requirements. (In most drafts, the minimum deck size is 40 cards.)
  • You don't have to play with any conspiracy you draft. However, you have only one opportunity to put conspiracies into the command zone, as the game begins. You can't put conspiracies into the command zone after this point.
  • You can look at any player's face-up conspiracies at any time. You'll also know how many face-down conspiracies a player has in the command zone, although you won't know what they are.
  • A conspiracy's static and triggered abilities function as long as that conspiracy is face-up in the command zone.
  • Conspiracies have no mana cost, and can't be cast as spells.

Legality[ | ]

Conspiracies aren't legal for any sanctioned Constructed format. Although legal in sanctioned Limited formats, Conspiracy and Conspiracy: Take the Crown's booster packs are not allowed to be used at all in competitive level Sealed deck/booster draft events. In hindsight, Mark Rosewater would have preferred Conspiracies therefore to have been silver-bordered/ Acorn.[3]

History[ | ]

While Conspiracy frames in the first set were colorless, they were colored in Conspiracy: Take the Crown. This does not change the fact that Conspiracies are all considered colorless for game purposes.[4][5]

Rules[ | ]

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

A card type used in Limited formats such as Conspiracy Draft. A conspiracy card is not a permanent. See rule 315, “Conspiracies.”

From the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

  • 315. Conspiracies
    • 315.1. Conspiracy cards are used only in limited play, particularly in the Conspiracy Draft variant (see rule 905). Conspiracy cards aren’t used in constructed play.
    • 315.2. At the start of a game, before decks are shuffled, each player may put any number of conspiracy cards from their sideboard into the command zone. Conspiracy cards with hidden agenda are put into the command zone face down. (See rule 702.106, “Hidden Agenda.”)
    • 315.3. Conspiracy cards remain in the command zone throughout the game. They’re not permanents. They can’t be cast or included in a deck. If a conspiracy card would leave the command zone, it remains in the command zone. Conspiracy cards that aren’t in the game can’t be brought into the game.
    • 315.4. Conspiracy cards have no subtypes.
    • 315.5. Conspiracy cards may have any number of static or triggered abilities. As long as a conspiracy card is face up in the command zone, its static abilities affect the game, and its triggered abilities may trigger.
      • 315.5a Abilities of conspiracy cards may affect the start-of-game procedure.
      • 315.5b Face-down conspiracy cards have no characteristics.
    • 315.6. The owner of a conspiracy card is the player who put it into the command zone at the start of the game. The controller of a conspiracy card is its owner.
    • 315.7. At any time, you may look at a face-down conspiracy card you control. You can’t look at face-down conspiracy cards controlled by other players.

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