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Constables of An-Havva
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Founded on Ulgrotha

The Constables of An-Havva are the protectors of the people who live in An-Havva, by the edge of the Great Wood on Ulgrotha.[1] They are the core that hold the Pioneer towns together, and thanks to their influence the towns keep talking and negotiating instead of breaking down into armed feuds. The Constable are the only people who can stop total anarchy from erupting any time a major crisis occurs, organize fire brigades and monster hunting parties. Their task is a hard one, since most of the men and women that moved to the towns of An-Havva are generally stubborn and pig-headed.

For this, to be a Constable means having an excellent grasp of public speaking and frontier morality. All of them recognize the importance of the treaty between Koskun and Aysen, and grimly know that if the trade between the two cease, the people of An-Havva will be the first to die if the army from Koskun Keep successfully marches through the Great Wood. With that knowledge in mind, the Constables do their best to ensure their people maximum protection and guidance, at the same time without infringing on their rights or privacy.

Being a Constable of An-Havva means also being one of the owners of An-Havva Inn, and living in one of the upstairs apartments. The Constables have been bothered by Joven and his ferrets, but know that they could control the ferrets if they were to learn Joven’s hand signals.[2]

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