Convocations - A Magic: The Gathering Gallery

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A Magic: The Gathering Gallery
Publishing Information
Author(s) Various artists
Descriptions by Shawn Carnes
First printing 1996
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Convocations - A Magic: The Gathering Gallery is an art book published by ARMADA in 1996. It contains 23 full-page artworks depicting an artist's interpretation of a specific gameplay combo, followed by several pages describing those combos.

Artists[edit | edit source]

Every page in Convocations was painted by a different artist. In order, they are:

  • Michael Kaluta
  • Tobin Dorn
  • Pete Venters
  • Juda Tverski
  • Mike Dringenberg
  • Gerard Lee
  • Carlos Jiminez
  • Brad Marshall
  • Byron Wackwitz
  • Ron Spencer
  • Charles Vess
  • C.R. Lister
  • Anson Maddocks
  • Stu Suchit
  • Dennis Calero
  • Chris Hebel
  • Doug Shuler
  • Leo Leiberman
  • Mark Pennington
  • Tim Spinosi
  • Alexander Maleev
  • Chrysoula Artemis-Gómez
  • Jeff Menges

Gallery[edit | edit source]