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Welcome Decks 2019 are five monocolored thirty-card ready-to-play sample decks, consisting of basic lands, commons, 4 uncommons and 1 rare.


The decks are considered to be part of the Core Set 2019. They contain 30 cards.[1] Most cards are from the core set. Eight common and uncommon reprints from the Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan and Dominaria sets (numbered #307/280 to #314/280) are exclusive to the Welcome Decks. These can't be found in the booster packs of the set.[2] The decks are available for free at Wizards Play Network locations, and can be expanded with the set's Planeswalker decks.[3]

All decks include 1 Rules Reference Card.


White deck[]

White Deck

The rare in this deck is Serra's Guardian

Blue deck[]

Blue Deck

The rare in this deck is Riddlemaster Sphinx

Black deck[]

Black Deck

The rare in this deck is Gravewaker

Red deck[]

Red Deck

The rare in this deck is Shivan Dragon

Green deck[]

Green Deck

The rare in this deck is Aggressive Mammoth


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