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Race Vampire
Birthplace New Capenna, New Capenna
Lifetime Present
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Cormela, Glamour Thief is a vampire rogue of the Maestros family in New Capenna.



Glamour cannot be stolen, darling. One either is or is not glamourous, which is something one tells the world when they step out to face it. Cormela knows this and lives her life accordingly. Cormela is glamour, grace, opulence - she is the scene, a driver of Park Heights style and curator mentored under Lord Xander's own personal instruction.

A professional with her own gallery in Park Heights, Cormela's public collection is small and rotates on a frequent basis. Eager young artists - her coterie and those hungry for admission - offer their most avant-garde, most daring, most radical work to her first; to be one of Cormela's favorites is to be the talk of New Capenna.

But this is not all Cormela is. A Maestro first, Cormela is one of Lord Xander's favorite acquisition agents, able to "recover" work from even the most tightly guarded private collections without their owners suspecting a thing. Her prey are those who attempt to weasel out of deals and contracts with Lord Xander: easy marks. Those too proud, arrogant, or naive to think that a glamourous young tastemaker cannot also be a cutthroat genius . . . [1]

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