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Plane Dominaria
Status Unknown
Formerly part of Iron Kingdom

Corondor is a large island (or small continent) on Dominaria just north of Jamuraa, bordered by the Golthonor Sea.[1] Many prerevisionist stories took place on Corondor. It was the setting of the Planeswalker War storyline, which is told in the comics (The Shadow Mage) and the arcade-style Battlemage computer game.


A tremendous mountain chain called The Spine runs down the center of Corondor, and roughly divides it into three named lands: Stonehaven to the west, Casindral to the south, and Golthonor to the east. In the north lie the Northern Ice Wastes.


The ancient kingdom of Corondor was called the Iron Kingdom.

The planeswalker Ravidel used an artifact known as the Mox Beacon to lure other planeswalkers to Corondor. He trapped them and forced them to battle until they were weak enough to be killed individually. There were six planeswalkers: three Conquerors - Leshrac, Tevesh Szat and Geyadrone Dihada (who wanted to take over Corondor for themselves) - and three Defenders - Jared Carthalion, Kristina of the Woods and Sandruu, who defended the land from the Conquerors. In the wake of that war, Corondor has fallen on hard times. Corondor was also the birthplace of the family of Carth, and was plagued by Geyadrone Dihada in the time before the Brothers' War on Terisiare. It was the location of the Battle of Aster Fall, the birthplace of Jared Carthalion, and was also the homeland of the wizard Mangara.

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