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God of the Voyage
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim
Not to be confused with Cosi.

Cosima is the Skoti god of the sea from Kaldheim. She is curious, tempestuous, and can't stay in one place for long.[1]


Uniquely among the gods she was born a Cosmos monster, a great dolphin who swam through the auroras between the realms. But, when she crossed into the Gods' Realm, she took human form and claimed divinity. She calls herself the daughter of the sea, where she first came into being, rather than counting the other elder Skoti as her kin. Cosima does not live with the rest of the gods, but she comes back occasionally and is welcome to stay in the Gods' Hall as long as she likes.

As soon as she dips under the waves, Cosima takes the form of a dolphin again, swimming freely and joyfully through the oceans of all the realms. Some suspect that she spends most of her time in Littjara among the mysterious shapeshifters, but no one really knows where she goes during her long absences from the Gods' Realm.[2]

Cosima features in just about every prayer that the Omenseekers make while at sea.[3] The "Omenkeel", Cosima's longboat, is a magical vehicle that can carry its passengers through the Cosmos to any of the Ten Realms and a destination chosen by the goddess.


She and Alrund had three children (Toralf, Birgi, and Kolvori), and they lived together in the Gods' Hall for twenty years, which is still the longest she has ever stayed in one place. But she never stopped hearing the call of the sea, and eventually, she left the Hall to return from whence she came.

The planeswalker Kaya was given the use of Cosima's longboat in her quest to find Vorinclex, but was steered towards Gnottvold to find Tibalt instead.[4]

Cosima was one of the gods who fought the invading hordes during the Doomskar started by Tibalt. She helped Kaya to cross the ranks of enemy armies so that the planeswalker could deliver the Sword of the Realms to Halvar. In the confrontation against Varragoth, the goddess noted that the demon previously had had no wings. When the goddess appeared, Kaya asked who she was and Cosima replied that Kaya had recently been on her boat, The Omenkeel.[5]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 5: The Battle for Kaldheim Roy Graham with contributions by Jenna Helland 2021-02-03 Kaldheim Kaldheim Kaya, Tyvar Kell, Arni, Fynn, Inga, Sigrid, Alrund, Hakka, Varragoth, Cosima, Harald, Halvar, Koma, Niko Aris, Esika, Vorinclex

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  • She is based on Rán, the old Norse goddess of the sea, and Njörðr, the old Norse god of sea, seafaring, wind, fishing and wealth.
  • Cosima is a modern Nordic name, but it's not Norse or Germanic in origin. It comes from the Greek word kosmos.[6]
  • Cosima's origin as a Cosmos monster may be inspired by Skaði; she was a jötunn who got accepted in the Norse pantheon.
  • Furthermore, it must be noted that in the myth, the God of Winter was female, while the God of the Sea was male. Thus, it may be assumed that Cosima and Jorn are gender-bent versions of their inspirations.
  • The Omenkeel is based on Skíðblaðnir, the magic boat of the god Freyr.
  • Given the shape and copper-like coloration of Cosima's ship, the Omenkeel, it's possible that the ship once belonged to the imprisoned, elven gods of old, the Einir. If this is true, it's equally possible that the Omenkeel was the longship gifted to King Narfi by the elves in their shared pact to unite against the Skoti.


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