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The cosmology tells about components and evolution of reality which is the setting for the Magic: The Gathering game. It consists of several levels. Beginning with the most fundamental one, they look as following:

  • Time stream, the parent level in cosmology; each one constitutes a reality with its own multiverse. There are infinite time streams.
    • Multiverse (e.g., Dominia, which encapsulates the sum of all planes and the Blind Eternities that connects them).
      • Blind Eternities, the "space" between planes filled by chaotic energies, mostly Æther and mana.
      • Plane, a self-contained world or universe, one among many in a given multiverse.
        • Natural plane, natural occurring universe existing next to others in endless movement in the multiverse. Natural planes can contain as much as billions of galaxies, stars and planets or as few as a single island and are subject to any possible physical rules.
        • Artificial plane, artificial, small universe, usually created by planeswalkers who define its rules; artificial planes are unstable.