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Council's Dilemma
Ability Word
Introduced Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Last Used New Capenna Commander
Typical Text Council's dilemma — ... starting with you, each player votes for ...
7 cards
{W} 14.3% {U} 28.6% {B} 14.3% {G} 28.6% {M} 14.3%
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oracle:"Council's Dilemma"

Council's dilemma is an ability word introduced in the multiplayer Conspiracy: Take the Crown set.


Council's dilemma is similar to will of the council in that it calls for all players to vote on an effect. Unlike with the earlier mechanic, every vote will add to the overall effect (not only the majority).[1][2][3]

It made a small reappearance Streets of New Capenna Commander decks (Tivit, Seller of Secrets).


  • Because the votes are cast in turn order, each player will know the votes of players who voted beforehand.
  • You must vote for one of the available options. You can’t abstain.
  • No player votes until the spell or ability resolves. Any responses to that spell or ability must be made without knowing the outcome of the vote.
  • Players can’t do anything after they finishing voting but before the spell or ability that included the vote finishes resolving.



Capital Punishment {4}{B}{B}
Council's dilemma — Starting with you, each player votes for death or taxes. Each opponent sacrifices a creature for each death vote and discards a card for each taxes vote.


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