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Council of Wizards
Founded on Ulgrotha
Notable members Feroz, Reveka

The Council of Wizards is the ruling body of the Wizards' School on the Floating Isle on Ulgrotha. It was created after the disappearance of the first master (Feroz in disguise). Their role was to ensure that the seas stayed open and clear for trading, to control and maintain the neutrality of the School, and maintain the peace between the other rising nations. Later, they grew more prone to trying to control the plane and, in order to do so, became masters of manipulation and subterfuge. One of their most known creations is the Wall of Kelp that can block any port around Ulgrotha to prevent any sea attack to or from any shore.

The Wizard's Council is an advisory board made of the eight most powerful mages on the Island, usually teachers and residing masters. Its' ninth member is the Wizard Savant, who has the final say on any matter, though they are obligated to listen to any argument from the Council. To become the Wizard Savant means challenging the existing Master to a duel of a chosen nature. When the strongest wins, the loser is either exiled from the Island or asked to take a seat on the Wizard's Council as a valued advisor.[1]


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