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Craig Jones
Craig Jones.PNG
Nickname The Professor
Born August 3, 1975
Residence Manchester, England
Nationality {GB-ENG} English
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour Rome 1998
Top Finishes 1 (0 wins)
GP top 8s 1 (1 win)

Craig Jones is a former professional Magic: The Gathering player from Manchester, England. He is best known for his "Topdeck of the Century",[1] where he at Pro Tour Honolulu 2006 topdecked Lightning Helix against Olivier Ruel in game five to advance to the finals. He also won Grand Prix Birmingham 1998, where he beat Kai Budde in the finals; and in 2007, he became the Great Britain national champion. Prior to his runner-up finish at Pro Tour Honolulu, Jones had a reputation of going undefeated on day one of Pro Tours, only to collapse on day two to miss the top eight; this famously happened at both PT Tokyo 2001 and PT Los Angeles 2005.[2] Aside from professional play, Jones has been a frequent member of the coverage team, often providing play-by-play text coverage of feature matches at Pro Tours and European Grand Prix events. Towards the end of his career as a professional player, he also live blogged from the tournaments he played in; this feature was known as "The Professor's Field Journal".[3]


Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
1998–99 Grand Prix Birmingham Block Constructed 17–18 October 1998 1
2006 Pro Tour Honolulu Standard 3–5 March 2006 2
2007 Nationals Birmingham Standard and Booster Draft 27–29 July 2007 1


Pro Tour results[]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Craig Jones
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
1998–99 Rome Extended 203
1998–99 New York Block Constructed 162
1998–99 Worlds (Tokyo) Special 82
1999–00 London Booster Draft 279
1999–00 New York Block Constructed 166
2000–01 Chicago Standard 172
2000–01 Tokyo Block Constructed 26 $1,700
2000–01 Barcelona Booster Draft 295
2000–01 Worlds (Toronto) Special 180
2001–02 New Orleans Extended 282
2001–02 San Diego Rochester Draft 201
2002–03 Venice Block Constructed 240
2005 Philadelphia Block Constructed 13 $2,225
2005 Los Angeles Extended 30 $1,350
2005 Worlds (Yokohama) Special 161
2006 Honolulu Standard 2 $22,000
2006 Prague Booster Draft 55 $600
2006 Charleston Team Constructed 75
2006 Kobe Booster Draft 354
2006 Worlds (Paris) Special 100
2007 Geneva Booster Draft 223
2007 Yokohama Block Constructed 216
2007 San Diego Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft 192
2007 Valencia Extended 417
2007 Worlds (New York) Special 94


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