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First seen The Cursed Land
Last seen The Cursed Land
Status Unknown

Cridhe was a small plane, whose land area is composed mostly of a single island. It was created by a being called the Maker and was home to humans and elves.[1]


  • The Clan Tree of Cridhe, containing all the plane's mana.
  • Inis Haen, residence of the Heanish (the descendants of Haen) in the central mountainous region
  • Inis Nohr, residence of the Norish (the descendants of Nohr) on the east coast
  • Loch Prith, an underground elvish paradise on the west coast
  • Slicks, the hills bordering the moors
  • The Sobus, the icy river connecting Inis Haen to Inis Nohr. It flows through the chasm created by the Parting.
    • The Raphos Falls, near Inis Haen
  • The Southern Isle, the only known other landmass.

Planeswalker visitors[]


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