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Race Goblin
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime ~9980 ZC
Guildpact, Dissension

Crixizix (born Crix) is a female goblin Izzet League member from Ravnica. Born an ordinary goblin, during one of her augmentation experiments, she was enhanced — with super-intelligence, even surpassing most of the human Izzet League members; super-speed; and flight, albeit due to pyromana-powered jets hidden in her hollow mizzium shinbones — by Zomaj Hauc, her magelord.[1]


In the service as a courier for her magelord, Zomaj Hauc, Crix carried out a covert mission of Hauc's so that he could control the dragons hatched from new-found dragon eggs using a spell engraved into her metallic arm, but without the Izzet parun and guildmaster, Niv-Mizzet knowing this.

Crix traveled to Utvara with Teysa Karlov's lokopede, and became lost when the lokopede was attacked by Gruul. With the help of Vor Golozar, Agrus Kos, and Pivlic, she was able to reach the Cauldron and deliver her message. Hauc, however, proved to be less than thankful; and, Crix defied her master and tried to stop him. She also temporarily saved Agrus Kos by flying off the Cauldron explosion in his personal observosphere, the Pyraquin.

After Hauc's defeat, she was promoted by Niv-Mizzet to the rank of Master Engineer and gained another syllable to her name, officially becoming Master Engineer Crixizix. She witnessed Niv-Mizzet's battle with nephilim and his withdrawal. She helped the citizens of nephilim-ravaged Utvara, most notably saving and healing the gravely-wounded Pivlic.[2]