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Crops are social units among the population of Amonkhet. They are composed of teams of up to twenty persons that undergo the Trials of the Five Gods together.[1][2]


People regardless of race that live within Naktamun are assigned their crop at the age of five. These early crops work together to construct an obelisk. When they finish it, the "Ceremony of Measurement" presents them before the gods. They look into their hearts and reveal who is worthy to attempt the trials. Those found worthy are reassembled into a new crop, while those that are found wanting are directly culled. This is referred to as the "Day of Harvesting", usually around the time when they turn twelve. Crops train together and usually work to balance each other out. When members die or prove themselves to be dissenters, others from culled crops are joined with them to replenish their numbers. All within a crop are first called "acolytes" and in a later stadium "initiates"[3]

While some trials, especially the early ones, stress the value of working together and strengthen the esprit de corps of the worthy, others, like the later ones, instead put them against each other. In the end, only one member of a crop can prove worthy and pass Hazoret's final trial and be rewarded with the afterlife.

When it became apparent that the warriors were resurrected as Eternals, it turned out that Bolas's Dreadhorde was also organized in crops.[4]

Known crops[]

Crops usually choose a single name for themselves when they first assemble to showcase their greatest strength.[5]

  • Ahn crop:
    • Masikah
    • Neheb the Worthy
    • Sana
  • Esh (Stream) crop:
  • Nef (Shadow) crop:
    • Pytamun
    • Sokar
  • Rhet (Burn) crop:
    • Etha
    • Ixor
  • Tah (Fist) crop: The crop to which Samut and Djeru were initially assigned and which Gideon temporarily joined for the Trial of Ambition.
    • Basetha
    • Dedi
    • Djeru
    • Gideon Jura
    • Hepthys
    • Imi
    • Kamat
    • Kesi
    • Masika
    • Meris
    • Nakht
    • Nassor
    • Neit
    • Samut
    • Setha
    • Tarik
    • Tausret
  • Zir (Ray) crop:

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