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Race Dragon
Birthplace Urborg, Dominaria
Lifetime ~-20,000-Unknown

Crosis was one of the five Primeval Dragons of Dominaria. He was birthed by Piru and sired by Chromium Rhuell.[1]

His name meant "death" in the ancient draconic language, and he was known as "The Purger."[2] Crosis was a jet-black dragon who would slay his enemies by screaming the word of death, which caused anyone that heard it to instantly die. Crosis was imprisoned in a tar pit in Urborg by the Numena Kuberr, but was freed thousands of years later by the other four Primevals, who sacrificed themselves to release him. Upon doing so, Crosis resurrected the others, completing the pantheon.

Crosis was trapped again soon afterwards following the deaths of Rith and Rhammidarigaaz. The loss of those two weakened the remaining three Primevals, neutering Crosis' word of death. Realising that Crosis was vulnerable, Captain Sisay rammed the Weatherlight into the dragon, driving him back into his tar pit prison.

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