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Lightning Diadem.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Mending Era

Cymede was the queen of Akros on Theros, a devoted follower of Keranos and wife of Anax.[1]


Cymede was a skilled warrior but a more powerful seer. Having herself been struck by lightning and given a glimpse of the future, Cymede was seen by some as being partly responsible for her husband's effectiveness as king.

Cymede became aware of the power of godly creatures such as nymphs. She saw abstract glimpses of their power and could feel the gods' ability to bestow gifts upon the faithful. Because of this, the cult of Keranos gained a foothold in the Kolophon. Cymede even had a special temple built on a distant mountain summit where the storms were particularly severe. During the storm season, she visited there, meditating on a silver platform.

Although Cymede had the ability to hear “god-speak,” she had never proclaimed herself an oracle or allowed any god to claim her. The only god that Cymede had ever considered serving was Keranos. Since Cymede was a powerful mage who could manipulate the elements with ease, Keranos had longed for her to be at his side.

During the siege of Akros by the forces of Xenagos, Cymede and Daxos worked together to raise the Deyda River in their attempt to flood the minotaur encampment. As Daxos began to lose concentration, Cymede offered herself to Keranos in exchange for his assistance. Keranos came forth and transformed the river into a raging elemental that consumed the minotaurs in their encampment. Afterwards, Cymede was claimed by Keranos as she transformed into a pillar of fire and crimson light and ascended into Nyx.[2]


The characters of Anax and Cymede were inspired by Leonidas and Gorgo, the king and queen of ancient Sparta.[3]

Anax and Cymede.

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