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Dakkon Blackblade
Dakkon Blackblade cover.png
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Publication period June, 1996
Number of issues 1
Character(s) Dakkon Blackblade
Creative team
Writer(s) Jerry Prosser (story by Steve Conard and Jeff Gómez)
Editor(s) Bob Layton, Jeof Vita and Jeffrey Artemis-Gómez
Penciller(s) Rags Morales
Inker(s) Barbara Kaalberg
Letterer(s) Bryan Dressner
Colorist(s) Atomic Paintbrush
Preceded By
Urza–Mishra War
Followed By
Elder Dragons

Dakkon Blackblade is a Magic: The Gathering comic released by ARMADA in June 1996. It tells the story of Dakkon Blackblade.[1][2]


Well before the Brothers' War, on the world of Dominaria, the continent of Corondor is spanned by warring peoples. Life has come to have little value to both the draconian city-states and primitive clans living there.

However, in this darkest of times, an improbable soul rises to meet the need of the land. Legends are made.


On the continent of Corondor a kid, only called “Son of Carth”, after the city-state he lived in, is thrown into the prison of planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada. His prison mate, a Mad Monk, hears that the boy had tried to kill Geyadrone in revenge for her conquering his city and killing his people. The Monk then teleports the boy to Geyadrone’s library, allowing him to steal a grimoire that can summon Dakkon Blackblade, and the Amulet of Ti-Fu, which he can use to bind Dakkon to him. Dakkon is Dihada's archenemy, because she had stolen his sword, shadow and soul.

Dakkon is not amused at being summoned, but the amulet of Ti-Fu prevents him from killing the boy and from planeswalking away until kills Dihada. After a skirmish with Dihada that nearly kills the boy, Dakkon saves him and the two become friends. Then Dihada returns with a few more powerful minions: Sol'Kanar the Swamp King and two Elder Dragons. Dakkon kills the Swamp King and unsummons Chromium, but is left drained of his power. Carth has gotten his hands on the Blackblade though, after Sol'kanar dropped it. He passes the sword to Dakkon, who is restored to full might and kills Piru.

Then it is revealed all this was actually a plan of Dihada herself. Disguised as the Mad Monk who set Carth on his path in the first place. She needed Dakkon using the Blackblade to kill Piru, which allowed her to absorb the dead dragon’s energy. Then she places her seal on Dakkon, allowing her to to summon him, and use him as her ultimate weapon whenever she sees fit.

The two duped friends decide to go to Terisiare, where the boy will become the ancestor of House Carthalion.


The first issues included the card Dakkon Blackblade from Chronicles.

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