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Race Merfolk
Birthplace Siren Sea, Theros
Lifetime Mending Era

Dalakos is a famous Triton inventor from Theros.[1]


Dalkos once considered himself a triton like any other – curious, quick-minded and blessed by the gods with exceptional cleverness – but he was unfocused and easily distracted. It wasn't until a kraken rose from the ocean's depths and began a rampage that threatened Dalakos's community that he was forced to focus. As the monstrosity drew closer, Dalakos sought ways to turn it from its path. He worked day and night, but ultimately his plans failed. All that he knew was obliterated by the kraken. Amid the ruins from his home, the triton had a revelation. Working desperately, he crafted a miraculous device that he ultimately used to defeat the kraken.

Today, Dalakos resides inside the kraken's shell, where he works day and night. His heart is broken, but his mind is forever focused on bringing his creations to life.



The character of Dalakos is inspired by the ancient Greek Daedalus.

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