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Dan Frazier
General Information
Born September 28, 1945
Status Inactive: Alpha to Time Spiral
Style Classical
Education/ Training University of Colorado
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artist:"Dan Frazier"

Dan Frazier is one of the original twenty-five Magic: The Gathering artists. Born in 1945, Dan received his BFA at the University of Colorado and remained there teaching Art in the public schools for 20 years. Leaving the teaching profession, he started illustration in the Gaming industry in 1990. Dan learned Classical Academic Painting with oil in the manner of the Renaissance masters.[1]

Dan has white hair and a white beard. He posed for Dwarven Nomad, painted by Mike Kimble. It was thought that he was also the model for his own Soldevi Simulacrum, but he has explictly denied that.[2] The model for Soldevi Simulacrum is actually Sid Pogue, who played in LARP games with Dan Frazier in the 1980s and 1990s.

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