Dark Ascension is the second set in the Innistrad block.

The battle between Vampires, werewolves, and zombies continue into the night. While the forces of good struggle to hold back the threat, villagers cower behind walls and pray for the  morning light.

Event Information

Prereleases: January 28–29, 2012

Release Date: February 3, 2012

Launch Parties: February 3–6, 2012

Game Day: February 25–26, 2012

Set Contents


  • 12 Mythic Rares
  • 38 Rares
  • 44 Uncommons
  • 64 Commons

158 total


Fateful Hour - An enhanced ability or affect that only takes place when the cards controller has 5 or less life.

Undying - If a creature with undying were to have no +1/+1 counters on it, and it were to die, return it onto the battlefield from the graveyard with a single +1/+1 counter on it.

Double-Faced Cards, Morbid, Curses and Flashback return in Dark Ascension.

Release Formats

Booster Pack

  • 9 Common
  • 1 Double-Faced
  • 3 Uncommon
  • 1 Rare
  • 1 Basic Land or Double-Faced Card Checklist

Fat Pack

  • Player's guide, with complete visual encyclopedia
  • Dark Ascension™ card box
  • 9 Dark Ascension booster packs
  • 70-card basic land pack
  • 10 Dark Ascension double-faced card checklists
  • Special edition Spindown™ life counter
  • Two deck boxes

Intro Decks

Event Decks

Comments on the set

The set puts a stronger emphasis on those creature types, giving each type of monster more support. Meanwhile, the humans are on the verge of extinction and have to take desperate measures to stem the tide. Dark Ascension has several broken cycles (a cycle where one color is omitted) to show how humans are flagging.

Many of the double-faced cards in Dark Ascension are humans on one side and werewolves on the other. Dark Ascension also has a number of cards involving the number 13.