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Race Human/Phyrexian, formerly Human
Birthplace Coracin
Lifetime ~3385-4165 AR

Davvol was the first evincar to rule the artificial plane, Rath.[1]


Davvol was the terminally ill town elder of the village of Coracin. When he became sick he was ignored, and eventually exiled. When the Phyrexian Croag came looking for an ancient machine in the town's vault, Davvol betrayed the townspeople and told Croag how to access the vault. Afterwards, Croag took Davvol to Rath, where he became responsible for overseeing the construction of the artificial plane, stopping the revolting Kor, Vec, Dal, and elves, and killing Urza. To grant him eternal life, Davvol was partially compleated and he yearned to rid himself of his weak flesh, which only reminded him of his disease. In an effort to kill Urza, Davvol began evolving and improving the Phyrexian Negators.

Davvol also began conducting planeshifting experiments for Croag, which involved transporting Rathi troops throughout the multiverse, as well as transporting parts of Dominaria to Rath. This planeshifting caused the Shadow races to become stuck between the worlds. When Croag was badly injured in an assault on Keld, in which he tried to steal Gatha's genetics research, Davvol proclaimed himself the first evincar of Rath. Davvol's reign ended when Croag used a grafted skullcap on Davvol to steal all of his knowledge and information regarding the Stronghold and left him to die.

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