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Death Speakers
Founded on Ulgrotha

The Death Speakers are the evidence of the schism in Aysen culture. A number of disillusioned teenagers, and those dissatisfied with their regulated lives, have begun to take to the occult, to practicing minor divination and spirit-summoning. These people generally are doing no harm to anyone, as they are only doing a little future reading or interpreting signs and portents. However, rumors that they have the ability to summon the spirits of the dead and make them answer questions about the living really unnerves the bureaucrats who have secrets that need to be kept.

After Baron Sengir stopped his constant attacks against Aysen, the citizenship started to turn on the Death Speakers. The Serra Inquisitors have started to conduct armed raids on the homes of Death Speakers, convicting them of corruption. The Samite are aware of both sides of the argument and are doing their best to avoid getting involved, but some of them are harboring Death Speakers in their homes or are being dragged into the conflict in other ways. So far, no one has died or been seriously injured, though the city rumors state that an entire den of Death Speakers have mastered the art of fabricating skeletons, zombies and other undead. The tension between factions is strong, and is fueled by Serra's disappearance.[1]

The Baron quickly took notice of the schism, and has provided a variety of books of black magic from Grandmother Sengir to some of the Death Speakers, in order to turn the more impressionable youth into his puppets.[2]

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