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Deck Builder's Toolkits are a series of box sets released on an annual, and later semi-annual, basis. They seem to be discontinued, and to be replaced by Arena Starter Kits.

Releases[ | ]

Starting 2012 the toolkit was released with every core set.

Starting 2016 the toolkit was released with the first set of each block.

Going forward in the Three-and-One Model, the Deck Builder's Toolkit has a stronger integration with the revamped core set, Planeswalker decks and the Welcome decks, allowing for an easier transition between the products.[1] In contrast to earlier iterations, all the cards in this product (mostly commons and uncommons) are entirely fixed, providing R&D full control over the experience and allowing them to plan out the deckbuilding options that players will find when looking to upgrade their Planeswalker Decks.[2][3]

Core Set 2021, Zendikar Rising and further sets notably lack a Deck Builder's Toolkit.

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