Wall of Swords M14

Last Used: Evergreen
Type: Static
Introduced: [[]]
Category for Defender

Defender is an evergreen keyword ability.


It is a static ability that means the affected permanent cannot attack. It is commonly found on creatures with low power, and high toughness, such as most walls.

Originally the keyword didn't exist but was simply part of how walls functioned, as walls couldn't attack under the original rules. In Kamigawa Block this was changed and all existing walls were errated to have defender.


Alan controls a Wall of Swords, a 3/5 creature with defender, and wishes to attack. However, because Wall of Swords has defender, he cannot declare it as an attacker.

Comprehensive Rules

702.3. Defender

  • 702.3a. Defender is a static ability.
  • 702.3b. A creature with defender can't attack.
  • 702.3c. Multiple instances of defender on the same creature are redundant.
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