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Dementia Summoner: Odyssey Style Guide excerpt

Dementia space is the term used for the space where a dementia caster or dementist keeps the monsters and horrors they can create. It contains the caster's greatest fears and all the beings they have killed. Notorious Dementia casters are Chainer and Braids.

Each person's Dementia Space is different from everyone else's, although they tend to have the same look or feel to it. In order to become a Dementia Caster or Dementist, one must have total control over the monsters of the first level of their Dementia Space. These monsters resemble all creatures a Dementist once killed. Dementia Casters are able to drain real creatures into their space. These creatures have minds of their former self and act so, but they're nothing more than just memory.

Sixty years after the Mending, the Dementia casters are also able to create horrors from other people's minds.[1]

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